"An elbow in the soup" very bold filled headline in magazine

Could be modified... any ideas?




Try Bees Knees, Sinaloa and Baby Teeth

Is this Non-Format? If so it's custom, possibly based on an existing font (like Futura) with a heavy stroke.

- Lex

This reminds me of the PBS animation that they used to play at the end sesame street when I was a kid.

Mikey :-)

Yeah, it looks like the custom stuff NOn-Format did for Varoom magazine.

PBS was designed by Ed Benguiat.
The sample looks like it may be a page from an old U&Lc

and therefore...perhaps a Benguiat piece in itself...

Just a thought.

(You know, U&Lc - Upper & Lower case newspaper owned by ITC - International Typeface Co. -- and all those ties to Photolettering - home to many greats - like Benguiat and Lubalin.