First Post

So, I'm thinking about giving blogging a go. Per the nature of this site, I'll post on type design and typography, along with other matters related to graphic design. This won't be too constraining since these topics tend to occupy much of my time anyway.

A brief introduction: My first serious exposure to graphic design was in 7th grade when I was taught Photoshop and quickly became enthralled with its incredible creative power. After several years getting to know the program inside and out, I moved on to InDesign and Illustrator to layout my high school newspaper. In the course of working on the paper, I started to consider type as I never had before. Reading Bringhurst's The Elements of Typographic Style crystallized my interest in typography, and I've been hooked ever since. I joined Typophile a little while after, and I've been a mildly active member in the year and a bit that followed.

Now that my biographical whims have been satisfied, I'll try to keep what I write more interesting (I hope).


Ah to be young and to have had Photoshop available in 7th grade. Man, do I feel old. Thanks for that.

Indeed. My 7th grade was strictly Commodore BASIC.


Sorry about that. It's probably no consolation, but I feel a bit out of sorts myself that my 8-year-old cousin makes PowerPoint presentations.