Read Me: Typophile Server Upgrade

Typophile is made possible through the generosity of sponsors and efforts of volunteers, including time invested by us at Punchcut. We squeak time in on Typophile as often as we can without compromising client commitments.

Typophile gets a lot of traffic. We're seeing about 200,000 unique visitors every month, with actual page "hits" coming in around 300,000 per day. Google likes us. 20,000 Typophile users are depending on us. So we don't take any site changes lightly.

On occasion we have to take the site down for maintenance upgrades. When we do, our general approach is to minimize downtime so that the community can keep moving, discussing and collaborating.

However, we can only test so much on our development server before pushing the release live to the public. There's no better test than unleashing thousands of simultaneous users (read as: ravenous type enthusiasts) on it. We really count on your goodwill during those times to pull together as a community to help us identify and squash bugs.

We've been down for a few days. A couple of the highlights from the recent downtime include:

- Brand new server package with more processor power, RAM, disk space
- Editing bug has been fixed.
- A few Wiki bugs corrected
- Comment RSS is back
- Feedback/bugs form created

Hopefully, the most significant change you'll notice is a speed increase. If you find bugs, let us know. We're not promising a bug-free experience (yet). However do not post bug threads in the forums. Please direct feedback, comments, bugs here to our fancy new feedback form:

This new server package opens up lots of possibilities for Typophile, which will help us realize some goals we've had for the site for some time. Stick around, it's only going to get better.

Jared, Joe, Christian and Zara


Special thanks go out to all those who contributed donations to Typophile in the last few days. We've seen an outpouring of support from around the globe. We're extremely grateful for the vote of confidence. Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to cover several months of hosting for the site.

If you see any of these people online, be sure to thank them:

Rui Abreu
Michael Albright
Sam Becker
Tim Daly
Patricia Fabricant
Marten Fischer
Florian Hardwig
Heron House Publishing Inc
Dennis Hill
Paul Hunt
Andreas Kalpakidis
Scott Leyes
Edward Maddison
Conor Nolan
Marc Oxborrow
Hrant Papazian
Thomas Phinney
Tamye Riggs
Gary Schmidt
Kris Sowersby
Graham Taylor
George E. Thompson
Tiffany Wardle


Thanks for all the work.

I might have paypal'd more, but wasn't sure if the membership thing would come up again soon. As a member, when the new program starts, will there be dues, or something like that?

It'll be the same as we had in the past - an (optional) yearly membership, which yields a number of perks and gifts for the supporters.

Wow, the site is mad fast at the moment.
All because of the new hosting package?
Or just that there's barely anyone is on the forum right now. ;)

Anyway: nice work.

I love the new speed! Great work. The Track function is about twenty times faster, yeeehouw.


PS. For over a year I‚ve tried to become a member, but the member application is always down or under construction, but when it is up – I will gladely support Typophile by becoming a member.

If people don't read this thread, how are they supposed to know not to "post bug threads in the forums. Please direct feedback, comments, bugs here to our fancy new feedback form:"

Shouldn't this notation be on the home and forums pages?

I just attempted to send a note to the feedback
system and got an e-mail saying it failed to send.

I haven't found any other address to report or
forward this to, so I'm just posting.

And where will we normally find this feedback link?

> I just attempted to send a note to the feedback
system and got an e-mail saying it failed to send.

Yes, I get that too.
Jared, your bugreport mail adress is borked! ;)

Don't worry, Jasper, we got the mails.

wow, i didnt expect for the list, thank you guys for the update andi know my money and other peoples went to a good cause!