Interesting typographic places in Berlin?

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Hi there,

Next week I am visiting Berlin. Any advice about interesting typographic places to know, to visit or to take pictures of?

Thanks in advance.

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There's a thread about the Hauptbahnhof, including some pictures

Underground stations signs are interesting and vary quite a bit.

See also

And Herr Spiekermann has a studio there.

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Everywhere! Here are some of my pics.

Stop by FontShop Germany for some free goodies.

Do not miss the Bauhaus museum. Small but important.

Uncover some vintage printed stuff at a flea market.

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Spiekermann left Meta many years ago. He now runs SpiekermannPartners.

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And... I am going stay in Berlin for 2 days. If a local want to go for beers and typographic chats, just contact me.

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Which days?
Every 2 months the type geeks meet at the »Typo-Stammtisch« Berlin. Next week, on the 13th is another meeting.


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Stephen, thanks for correcting me. I should have remembered that.

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You are welcome to the »Typo-Stammtisch« Berlin, Ramiro. Some people from FontShop, maybe Erik S. and other well known type designers will be there too.

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Great! I am going to be in Berlin 12, 13 and 14 of july. And... how can I get to the »Typo-Stammtisch«?

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The »Typo-Stammtisch« is held in this restaurant. You can have a look at the program here.

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Restaurant logo: Viner Hand

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Visit Tacheles Theatre

It's a converted old department store that now houses Art Studios and a few bars. I was there in March, and in the backyard they had huge letters you can sit on.

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There will be two lectures in German language, but after them I am sure you can speak with the most of us in English.

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That's the beauty of Berlin. All I know how to say in German is "I don't speak German" and I got along fine ;-)

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What time is the meeting? I can not find the time in the sites...

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Thank you very much for your visit. It was nice to got to know you. I hope you had fun and you understood our nice language … ;)

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