(x) The Great Method Casco Issue X book cover - custom face by Laurenz Brunner {Horton Munson}

Does anybody know this face? Note the strange spur on the 'G'.



There are lots of 'G's with this spur, including ITC Galliard and Trump Medieval, but I don't know this one. How old is this cover?

I think this is a recent design, possibly Latin (Spanish, Portuguese, Latin-American)

It's a recent design, last few months. It's designed by two Swiss designers and the whole text is in English.

Yves, I think you're right.
The lowercase 'a' looks like a spanish design from Arte Subtilissima by Juan de Yciar,
even if it was designed by any swiss designers.

But I may be wrong.

The book was really designed by a couple of emigrant Dutch designers with a Basque editor from a Swiss publisher (the legend continues...). There is just something strange going on with the a — while the d, c, e and and s feel continuous. I'm pretty curious about this one, so I've hunted down one of the designers and sent him an email. We shall see!

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So I got a response from the designer Laurenz Brunner, and this is what he had to say:

The typeface used for the book is custom made, based on a vintage metal serif font. I'm considering [publishing] it on Lineto.com some time but I'm not sure yet.

You can reach him through Lineto if you want discuss it with him.

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Brilliant job, Horton. :^)

This book have been awarded one of "The most beautiful swiss books" and the font is called "Bradford" in the catalogue
But the font is also known as Römische Antiqua, Haddonian or McFarland
The capitals were designed by A. Anklam and the lower cases by Heinz Koening for Genzsch & Heyse in 1888
(and not in 1988 as written in Jaspert, Berry & Johnson, Encyclopedia of Type faces)
(image found @ typefoundry.blogspot.com)