..the walrus was Paul!

okay here is an image..

so what is the font…?
i don’t know.. so i tought it would be something for you guys to figure out



No luck yet. ‘m sorry, Jack. :-(

whatever it might be, it was extended. that flicker doesn’t look natural. have you looked at house industries chalet yet?

The simple shapes remind me of Horatio, but the slight
thick-thin contrast and rounded stroke ends make me
believe this could be a contemporary ‘nostalgia’ face. Also,
I’m not sure if it’s extended: I think the thick-thin contrast
is part of the design, not the result of mechanical extension.
The ‘o’ and ‘e’ look too much like ‘perfect’ circles, not
extended elipses.

Chalet it probably ain’t: it should be reminiscent Helvetica
(Chalet 60), ITC Bauhaus (Chalet 70) or ITC Avant Garde Gothic
(Chalet 80); the unifying flavor being ITC Avant Garde Gothic.

If jay was paying attention to this thread he might say that
“all real logos should be made with custom type!”, so this may
be one of those “real logos”.

thanx Tiff, Troubleman and Coles…
i was beginning to think you were avoiding my post.. for some reason..

i agree with you that it looks like some custom made…
the letter r worx well with the other circled-shaped letters… but the s doesn’t really fit in with them.