(x) Starved Rock Lodge - Esperanza {Randy}

Need some help on this one. I am not up on my scripts/serif styles. This one has me completely baffled. Anyone know this?Starved Rock Font Sample


I’m equally baffled. Didya check Mike Yanega’s Script ID Page?

Hit the wrong button I guess. Edited:

Hispania, which appears in the Solotype Catalog by that name, has
been digitized by others. At least two more versions exist, both of which
predate Scriptorium’s Esperanza.

There was David Rakowski’s Dobkin Script. Found here for Mac
(the original) and here for PC (an old conversion by someone other
than Mr. Rakowski).

Ted Keener also digitized the typeface as Hispania KGD back in 1995.
Unfortunately, Mr. Keener’s website disappeared a couple of years ago,
along with any online references that aren’t ancient. Here’s a screenshot:

Here, rather, is the screenshot:

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Judging by the sub copy I would think it was an actual font. “Lodge” seems to be on an arc and extended a bit.

At the risk of sounding like a ‘newbie’, where would I find Mike Yanega’s Script ID Page?

Here’s the link:

Page 2: Esperanza or Hispania Script

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Hold it, I just found it: it’s Scriptorium’s Esperanza.

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Bravo Mike.

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P.S. Are there interrobangs in the OpenType character set?!