(x) Looking for sans serifs with oldstyle/text figures - various {gang}

Does anyone know of a sans serif font w OSF besides Akzidenz Grotesk? Im looking for more of a Benton Sans/Trade Gothic feel



I'll start listing what i can think of:
Freight Sans
Proxima Nova
Apex New
Galaxie Polaris
Mundo Sans
... more later

First, I think "oldstyle figures" is a bad term. "Text figures" is more accurate and clear. But that's a discussion for another thread.

There are literally hundreds of sans families with text figures (if you have Adobe CS, you've got Myriad), but those in the gothic genre are less common perhaps because types like Trade Gothic weren't meant for long text. Corporate S is about as close to Benton/Trade as you'll get.

Would you settle for a more modern humanist sans? Paul listed a few great options. Here are more:

FF Unit
FF Legato
FF Clan
FF Fago
FF Good
FF Kievit
FF Zwo
FF Milo
FF Plus
FF Strada Text
FF Page Sans
FF Profile
FF Super Grotesk (a geometric, but the "B" variant has double-story 'a's and 'g's)
FF Sanuk
Golary Red
Fedra Sans
ITC Charlotte Sans
Fresco Sans
Mahsuri Sans
ITC Stone Sans

As you can see, most of these are fairly recent designs. Only in the last 10 years have text figs in sanses become commonplace, a trend due, in part, to the standard set by Spiekermann at FSI: all text FontFonts come with OSF as the standard figure style.

There are a few grotesques with OSF:
FF Bau
Galaxie Polaris
ARS Region