Railpass Sans Serif

Hi typophiles,

heres on i couldn't ID, closest ive come is Alternate Gothic, but the e's dont match.. (the font on the picture, not the one at the bottom)

Im sure one of you will come to my rescue ;)


looking at the kerning, I'd say freeware

Dude, you should see the spacing in Deepdene.


I know what you're saying.. Im sure this is made by a high profile agency, they shouldve at least cleaned up the kerning, secondly a high profile agency using freeware fonts would be rather strange..

seems like the biggest kerning prob is after the e, maybe they edited an exhisting font (seems like a condensed alternate gothic) and messed up the kerning while editing the e or something..

Then maybe its just the lousy customized 'e's that f*ck up the kerning/letterspacing? ;)


a quick browse on dafont.com gave the answer: Cafeta

That's essentially a butchered Alt Gothic 2.

I guess the author's font site has disappeared. I actually like some of his fonts, and have used them here: