Filmotype Fonts Available - Again!

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Joined: 9 Apr 2002 - 11:00am
Filmotype Fonts Available - Again!

Greeting Friends!

It is our distinct pleasure to announce the return of the first Filmotype typefaces to return to the graphic designers palette since their heyday in the 1950s as photo lettered alphabets.

The first two releases are Filmotype Glenlake and Filmotype MacBeth

Filmotype Glenlake - Initially designed and released in 1955, this Gothic Sans Serif having disappeared from graphic design history reappeared in 1994's Ed Wood in it's starring role as the opening credits of Woods famous film "Glen or Glenda" ironically.

It is joined by Filmotype MacBeth - This Free Style typeface owes its origins to Lettering Inc where its original author penned a similar style prior to creating a unique version of the typeface for Filmotype in the early 1950s.

Both typefaces were remastered and expanded with exacting precision and include a full international character compliment, automatic fractionals, ordinals, and a complete suite of alternate characters in dynamic OpenType format.

We hope you enjoy these timeless gems of typographic design and will find them as exciting as we have.

You can purchase, preview and discover more about these faces online exclusivly at Font Bros!

See 'em here:


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Stuart, congratulations. I don't know much about Filmotype -- are you planning to whet our appetites with a peek at what else is in the vault, awaiting digitization?