"Metro" simple condensed sans

Can anyone ID? It's a simple font, and I've been trying to get one close all day..


"geeky" is Avant Garde.

Linda, I think the geeky-image is grafixgirl’s quote.

Well, it's not terribly obvious as a .sig.... Some of us gave up reading minds for a hobby decades ago. ;-)

I'd say Helvetica-Compressed, but the R is weird.


Or Helvetica Condensed Black but I could find nothing that matches the R. A solution with a straight R might be Griffith Gothic Condensed Ultra, though it may be too black.

Yup, that geeky is part of my sig. I go by geekygirl in other forums.

Actually, geeky in my sig is Century Gothic my favorite font.

Thanks for the help on the font!