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I'm looking for someone to (letterpress) print some business cards for me. I'd prefer a local company (Los Angeles area). It seems like Aardvark is pretty well respected.

Does anyone recommend a different company or have any comments or advice on where to go?


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Not even Hrant has a comment on this one??


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hi jon - i wish i knew! *off to find hrant*

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Thanks warmly for the heads-up Beth.

I've been doing letterpress (both metal and PPL) for a few years now, although my volume (read: experience) isn't monumental. Which however is exactly the reason my rates are also not monumental. :-) On the other hand I try not to skimp on taste or quality; here are a couple of (rather poor) shots of something I printed last month - my new business cards:

(The back of the card is burgundy matching the color of the logo.)

Jonathan, I would be quite glad to take on your letterpress project.
Please email me at your leisure: hpapazian_at_gmail_dot_com


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Oops, just saw hrant has appeared. Welcome back!

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for what it's worth, Gloria Kondrup does fantastic work. She runs the letterpress studio at Art Center and has her own studio:

gkondrp (at) artcenter.edu

she used to be partner in this studio, but not sure if it still is together:
Perrin & Kabel Fine Printworks
145 Waverly Drive Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 577-1023

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You could try Joie Studio in Los Angeles at http://www.joiestudio.com. Very affordable.

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I get my business cards from Vista print. Over and over they have been consistently wonderful. And their colors are quite striking if that is something of interest to you. Just pay thr few bucks to get premium without their logo on the back

I always get a small rubber stanmp while I'm at ordering business cards (they are free but a few bucks for handling). I have one in every desk! hehehe

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Mercurio Brothers in Berkeley (although not SoCal) do really nice work.


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I Print Letterpress:
From Business card to Broad sheets, www.Krauseintaglio.com Gardena, Ca 90249 (Southland)


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