New to the Blogosphere

I have never blogged before, so this is all sort of new and fuzzy to me.

I am a layout and design artist, on-the-job trained at a small newspaper. They didn't pay worth spit, but I received an invaluable education. I'd had a smattering of very limited experience with QuarkXpress 6.0. The paper had just converted from QuarkXpress to InDesign. The day I submitted a despiration job application (part-time clerk typist), they'd lost a graphic designer. I was called; I was interviewed; I was hired (a despiration hire on their part); I was trained. By week two, I was designing full page, full color ads. Baptism with fire on a newspaper printing schedule, no doubt, but one that helped me to finally decide what I want to be when I grow up.

I love working with InDesign and have truly become what a friend calls me: Font Slut. I can't help myself. I have disks with thousands of fonts, yet I'm hungry for more. I and the typography gods know I will never use half of them, but there you go. I have an addiction.

"Hi, my name is Sharon and I'm a typoholic."

If there is a 12-step program designed to free one from the grips of typoholism, please DO NOT TELL ME! I'm having too much fun.

Before beginning a layout and design book and/or cover project, I request a synopsis from the manuscript's author. That helps me in the whittling down process. I usually work up three concepts for the author, though I have been known to make as many as five. Our authors pick and choose the aspects they most like, and I create a finalized mock up.

It sounds so easy, but I agonize over font choice as though the book were my own. I pour over my books and binders and catagories. I print concepts and will tweak until it surpasses what I envisioned. Big mistake; I get emotionally involved with my projects and sometimes take too long getting things done, then I feel rushed. But, I'm getting faster all the time. Some of my book covers have blown me out of the water. (Sometimes when I'm feeling blue, I'll open up several of my bookcover documents and tell myself, "You did that. You are talented!")

Well, lunchtime is over. We'll see how this blog stuff goes. To all who read this, have a happy, productive and safe day.

Sharon Andrews