Critique please - 'No Step' a stencil font

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This is just a rough Uppercase for now. It's inspired by a stencil I saw on the wing on a flight I took. I have tried to humanize it a bit so it would read better/ more clearly. Eventually I will have a lower case numbers etc etc. Maybe Russian and Greek too....

Any comments are welcome!


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I have my intern working on a lower case now. Maybe she will pop her head in later...

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I, too, have gazed at that cautionary text on flights to and fro. Great source. The soft contour is appealing.

I think the problem with most stencil typefaces is that there are too many cuts in each form. I think this one would benefit from more judicious breaking. This is why the 'X' works so well. Think about dropping the NW and SE cuts in the O for instance. If you want to keep these guys, the less-slashed forms can live in the lowercase slots.

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Thanks Stephen!

I am glad you like the softer approach. That was one area where I broke with the source.

I will have to think about what your saying about the breaks because on the one hand I really like the four breaks on the O. To me that is the point of difference with the existing stencil faces and also the source of the personality of it. On the other hand maybe I am being to slavish. There is a 3rd possibility which is that I just haven't caught the feeling I need to in the cuts. I will mull this over.

If you have anything else to add I will be most interested!

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>too many cuts in each form

My feeling is the same as Stephen's. The O with four cuts is distinctive, but for me it just attacks the eye. Maybe it will work at huge sizes, but otherwise it is just too dazzling. With the rounded/ decayed look you've done, something interesting could come out of this. I don't know what other rounded stencil faces are out there....

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Bill, thanks for your comments!

Here is a are some samples from my references. I guess the source is dazzling. Making the spaces smaller would make it less so - as in the 2nd sample. But the unique feeling I like is probably in the spacing... the 3rd example.

Perhaps I will do two versions; a more dazzling one and the one thats easier on the eyes. But before I go that route I will try to find a best compromise.

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