(x) New Good Housekeeping serif headlines - H&FJ Chronicle {David, Marc O}

Here is a font that Good Housekeeping is using for their headlines... they just redesigned their magazine.
Does anyone recognize it?


No attachment...

Nah, it's in RGB. People using browsers that are any good (i.e. Firefox) can't see it.

I think it's that yet to be commercially released custom serif face by Hoefler & Frere-Jones that recently popped up on the board and which name I can't seem to remember right now. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Scotch Roman is close.

I think it starts with a 'C' and has 'o's in its name. I know, I'm not very helpful right now, sorry! :^/

Hmmm... I can see the attachment, but I'll try again.

I think it starts with a ’C’ and has ’o’s in its name.
Caledonia? Nah, not really. But maybe in that spirit.


Still can't see the attachment, but are you talking about H&FJ Chronicle, Yves?


Yesss!, H&FJ Chronicle. Recognizing the typefaces isn't the hardest part, it's remembering the friggin' names! :^P

Just got word from Jonathan Hoefler -- it is indeed H&FJ Chronicle, and he told me they're going to have some big news in a few weeks. In the meanwhile check this page. ;^)

I've been wondering when this was going to be formally announced. Nestled between the paper samples and ads for stock images, there's an H&FJ ad for Chronicle in the July/August issue of Print magazine.

106 styles?! In OpenType! Yowza! I can't stop using exclamation points! Help!

Chronicle looks similar to Vincent... :-)

Vincent who?

mike's talkig about vincent serif used in newsweek worldwide.


Finally, H&FJ Chronicle Text and H&FJ Chronicle Deck & Display have been released.

Darn Akira, you beat me to it! :^D Yesterday night I was shown a sneak peek of the new website by Jonathan.

Sorry, Yves. :^)

- Akira

I love the new H&FJ site... and Didot opentype... the Harry met Sally Experience!!!