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Hello, new guy from HOW forums here.

It's for http://atcandistribution.ca/ They need to appear established, conservative and intelligent.

tear this up please.

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> The serifs are too pointed and not consistent.
> "C" is falling towards back.
> "N" and "A" needs to be corrected visually.
> kern them visually, A & T are too closer and C, A & N are too wide.

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I'm not into kerning yet. Should I think about the kerning while i draw the font? And which serif do you prefer? The ones on the T or the A?

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This might be too light for small usage (business card etc), the weight of the C looks about right as a minimum (although the distribution needs work), the crossbar of the T is too wide for my taste and taking Satya’s line as the overshoot it should fall short, probably to the height of the top left serif of the N. Is this going to be a font or just used as a logo? Either way kerning should be considered now.


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Being that they appear to be mainly an online entity, you may want to consider a beefier weight so that the log can be reproduced at smaller sizes on-screen.

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They are not mainly an online identity. Their online aspect is minimal. If you wish to learn more about the project, navigate to this web page. http://forum.howdesign.com/tm.aspx?m=275135

Also it will not be a font but a logo only. It will incorporate a graphical element also. I'll be posting that within a few days.

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tweaks on the serifs, kerning, width of the T and N, consistency of height and little bit of tweaks to the C also. Will work on weight next.

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I think you have applied that decorative serif too uniformly, it doesn’t need to be on every character, in fact as in the characters you already had was better, the A’s are now on tiptoes.


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so apply it to the N only perhaps?

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I intend to make this the storefront display type and a heavier weight for small applications. What say you?

Here's a link to a higher res image

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Why don't you make an antialiased image like you did with the bigger one?

Anyway. I find "C" too pointed at the end of the stroke (bottom). This is just going to give you headaches and problems later. And It doesn't really look it should be this thin.

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