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Fonts, Organized

Does anybody know of a decent tool to edit how fonts are labeled (and consequently displayed in a program like Illustrator)?

I am interested in reclassifying some fonts, so that (a) they show up under one family in a piece of software and (b) don't conflict with each other thus preventing a font manager like Suitcase Fusion from activating several weights at once.

To be very specific: I have a version of Scala Sans, where I can't activate the bold and roman at the same time. Upon closer inspection each of these fonts have the same "Screen Font" tag ... so Suitecase only keeps one open at a time. [sidenote: this might have happened when I converted my version of Scala into OpenType and programmed some ligatures in]

Does this require a full-blown editor like FontLab? I used it once to change some font attributes and found it's menu for that overblown and antiquated ... there seemed to be a dozen ways to do the same thing?

Is anybody really good at this stuff? I can post screen grabs if that helps at all.