Walrus and Macleans Magazine

Hey Guys! I need help identifying the typefaces that they use on these two magazines.



Macleans slab serif is Serifa.

Italic headline in The Walrus is a Didot of some kind. Couldn't find a weight that matches in the Linotype version, although that's the one it most closely resembles.

Thank you very much Marcox! Does anyone else know the typefaces they use for the body copy for both magazine and also they typeface they use for the caption underneath the image in the Macleans magazine.

Caption is Gotham.

I think the text font is a Garamond, and I'd guess Garamond No. 3, based on the J , M and Q. I think there is an Adobe version of this.

- Mike Yanega

Nice snag, Mike. There is also a Linotype Garamond 3.