The Darjeeling Limited movie logo and poster type

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Here's the title treatment for Wes Anderson's new film, "The Darjeeling Limited." Seems like a strange choice to me. Anyone recognize the font?

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Looks like a modified version of Interstate . If it is, besides all the handtooling, the J is notably different.

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See Ray Larabie's Blue Highway. It has the right J. It may have been widened a bit, but I think the underlying letters may have come from here, using some merge features to make the partially outlined font look.

- Mike Yanega

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I can't see Wes Anderson using a font designed after 1960 in one of his films. I don't know what it is, but it's probably old.

- Lex

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Good point. I was about to say it'd be like him making a film that didn't have either Jason Schwartzman or a Wilson brother in it...and then I looked at the cast list.

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The credits on the poster look like the same typeface, but without the partial inline.

The W is quite distinctive, and very unlike the fonts named so far.

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I thought Wes Anderson was a Futura freak? The Life Aquatic had FUtura and I can't remember the names of his other films, but I thought all had appearances of Futura?

Of course, that provides no help for solving this puzzle.

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Completely by accident (via Type for You), I came across the designer of the movie's custom font, Boris Dworschak. His website says that it comes in three weights, but doesn't provide much other info.

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