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Looking for information on the William Page typeface Smoke

I know this is a William Page typeface, but I'm trying to track down the whole alphabet.

So far, I know this much:
a) it exists in digital form, as a font called Psychedelic Smoke
b) when I compare 'Psychedelic Smoke' (an early 90s truetype version) to my references (taken from old newspapers), that font does not really come close to showing the intricacies of the font.
c) the earliest use I can find in the small town paper I work at is 1965, but it seemed more popular (at least with the ad agencies) through the 70s.

I want to know:
a) if anyone knows any more details
b) the source used for 'Psychedelic Smoke,' the only original William Page example I can find is only one word, not the whole alphabet.
c) where I might be able to find more information if no one here can help any further

I expect:
a) few replies and little interest, but feel free to surprise me!

Link to 'psychedelic smoke' http://www.searchfreefonts.com/fonts/p36.htm
There are some other versions here, but I believe 'smoke' to be the source for them, as well.



Photo-Lettering's Alphabet Thesaurus, Volume 3 (copyright 1960-1971), lists it as Baghdad Backslant, and lists it in their Art Nouveau section (p. 371). This listing doesn't show a complete alphabet, only the phrase "Skidding Along Rapidly into First Place?" You might check the Solotype catalog...

Awesome, thanks oldnick. Maybe I can get a little further with that extra info.

I'll see what I can find in the Solotype Catalog if I can find a copy. It's funny to keep hearing new names for this typeface, because I've always known it as the THE-in-The-Doors-logo font.

Try Victor Moscoso by Keith Bates:


From his page:
The Victor Moscoso font is based on the 1960s psychedelic poster lettering of the artist Victor Moscoso. The letterforms are derived from some of his most celebrated Neon Rose posters of the late sixties, in particular the archetypical Moby Grape 'Neptune's Notion' of 1967.

The Solotype Catalog has a showing of Smoke, but only the phrase, "TRAVELS with my aunt in". While the showing is rather small, Psychadelic Smoke looks to be quite consistent with the letters shown. Far more than Victor Moscoso (check out Keith Bates' nifty Rick Griffin font set [Pay Fonts #17] for another 60's psychadelic poster font while on his website).

I'm quite curious as to what those "intracacies" are that you mention, Kyle. Any chance of a showing?

the victor moscoso has the same problems as the 'psychedelic smoke' font. For instance, the crossbar on the T is drawn with tiny loops on the ends, you can see a stroke on each side crossing back over the crossbar... see below.

liquid night is a version of this typeface that I was working on prior to discovering better quality lettering samples.

edit: upon closer inspection, Psychadelic smoke is definitely the better of all the available choices (so far). I may use it, and my original specimens to try and update this font.

I found a full showing in the Phil's Photo catalog:

Thanks for that comparison, Kyle. Oddly, it appears that Psychadelic Smoke is more consistent with the original 'T' than your "original".

Excellent! You've found it! Now if only I can find a copy of the Phil's Photo catalog.

I started on liquid night with just a few very small printed sources, mainly album covers, hence the lack of detail that Psychedelic Smoke at least attempts to show.

The actual name of the catalog (from Phil's Photo - the predigital precursor to Phil's Fonts) is Homage to the Alphabet.

thanks Mike, and cancel my last comment, I see what you mean, but I think it's only the angle of the letter that is closer, the outline seems to match more to my scan from the newspaper.

hopefully I can afford a copy of that catalog, typography is an expensive hobby!

The best price I found for the Phil's Photo book is here, although what you will actually find is the second-best price...I scarfed up the cheapest one.

Thanks for the link, Nick... even after you snatched the cheapest one, they're still about 15 bucks cheaper than I was able to find it.

nice display! any updates on the digitization of this one?

Paul Hunt recently digitised a variation of the style for the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/hwt/hwt-bulletin-script-two/