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Well, my english is not so good, but here we go.

This is my first serious journey trough the amazing world of typography and its name is Austera -- translating: austere.

I pretend to use it on a new magazine that will born soon -- I hope, so I'm trying to make it looks good at small sizes but also interesting bigger, for titles. Very innovative huh?! :-p It's a kind of Frankenstein done with Klavika, Citizen and some ISO standards in mind... I think it's not alive yet, but I'm in love with it! Generally it's a very good thing -- this passion for what you are working on, but I know it could be veeery dangerous and blindness too...

Right now I'm working on Illustrator, so it don't has spacing, optical corrections and all this kind of stuff yet, only rough caps, small-caps, lower-case and numbers... Yes I'm just get it started, but I would be happier if I could hear from you what do you think about it... ;-)

Here is a pdf introducing my dear Austera.


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I really like it but I think that the capital S is a bit strange. I understand why you've done it a little "skewed" and for coherency sake you shouldn't change it but I do think it doesn't look as strong as the other letters. But hey, I'm just a newbie. Other than that, I'd use it :)

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I think that skewed appearance of the s/S may be less if the ending strokes are a bit longer. Or at least the bottom one(s).

But I think it's looking quite nice over all. Pretty well executed (for Illustrator) and looking clean.

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I'll play more with these S/s. An ending stroke more longer at the bottom ones could work, but I'll try some variations on it... Maybe by playing with less symmetry, a little bit far from the grid on the whole thing... ;-)
Thank you guys!

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e and G look like they’re about to tip over, but that might just be due to the spacing. How about showing us some text set in Austera?

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It's hard to tell without seeing them in text, but it feels like your W/w are too wide.

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Some time later and with a lot of small changes - S/s, W/w and many more... :-)

Finally here is a pdf with some text. I'm working on a Thin, but I'm planning to make a Book, Medium and Black too...

The numerals are very ugly. I'll work on it, possibly with old style and lining versions...

About diacritics, I showed only on O/o, but it's fully ok... I'm lazy today... ;-)

C'mon, what do you think about it?

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Nice, I like it!

Couple of small things:
The appearance of the 'w' seems a bit straight when it sits between the characters with all the corners in them. The 'v' doesn't have that problem so much, neither do the straight-sided upper case chars. Maybe play with it a bit more. :)

The 's'/'S' still roll over a bit, to the left this time. Maybe the bottom endstroke could be even longer, maybe even lining with the upper-left shoulder. But I can't judge if that will work based only on my mental-picture. ;)

Overall it's starting to look very nice. You could also consider a less square version maybe... (you know, getting that Klavika-look). Because I think most of the character shapes are nice. But I guess you should first perfect this one.

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I think bringing the top of the two S's to the left some would maybe help if you did it along with a longer bottom endstroke. The lc 'r' feels a bit narrow to me. It feels a little too square when reading ambiguous text, but I can think of many uses for this font that would fit perfectly... it reminds me of lettering I might see accompanying a technical drawing or something along those lines.

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'Bending' the top half of the 's' to the left might also work indeed.

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About the s/S, I think an even longer bottom end stroke don't works well and the top half to the left makes it an almost falling s, but I did the top end stroke longer, and it looks good... :-)

About the r, you are right ytknows. I use the same space of the l but it don't work well. Specially with rn... It looks dangerously like a m... :-/ I'll fix it.

Hum... Curves... I don't know... This squared look is directly connected with the idea of austerity that I'm trying to explore here... It looks curvy at small sizes. Only at display sizes that it reveals its austerity... ;-)

The general feeling about it: Yes, it can looks very technical, but I like to think it has some electricity in its veins and I don't know why, but I think it has something oriental... But maybe I'm just crazy about it... ;-p

I'm not thinking about curves right now, but I'm thinking about italic and serif versions can be very interesting... Nothing to show yet, but some sketches are floating in my mind... :-)

Thank you both for the comments and sorry for don't post images now... I'm in another project right now, but soon I'll back to Austera... :-)

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