new QANTAS logo - turbulence ahead

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Article: The Age.

Disregarding the kangaroo graphic... I really don't like the new type. The old type - a classic and memorable identity - had real strength. The new one looks lettered by a 12 year old. Examine that 'N'! Mon dieu, that 'S'! It looks, at best, like type from a toilet roll pack.

Another unnecessary and backward provincial identity hack job! (IMNSHO as ex-Australian designer)

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I agree. I wouldn't have chosen the old one, but the new face is pretty bad. I don't think steel grey is a particularly uplifting colour, either.

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Russell Bean of Sydney, Australia did the lettering on the last Qantas logo and it still looks good.

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The type treatment blows goats. It's terrible, undisciplined amateurism. Newness for its own sake, and tasteless.

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