But what font did they use for the 2004 campaign? HELVETICA would be too easy right? Best, Flo


That is strange...

The Bush/Cheney campaign sticker... I think it is univers.

Pretty cool!
The oily “a” is really great (although I think you need a lot more light/dark contrast — as you have it it’s too flat).

But I wouldn’t make the logotype/name the same way. And I don’t think Democratica is working. Try a script maybe, like Linoscript? Something upright, narrow and mannered.
Maybe Bernhard Modern:
A little bit cliche, though, I guess.


How about an olive oil based sauce like pesto (yum), it would add some color and texture.

This is a silly quibble, but the “sharp”/narrow dribble on the left side of the A is distracting… for some reason I’d rather see something more round. (Not everyday you can use ‘quibble’ and ‘dribble’ in the same sentence.)

I think if you take the nipple squirting milk off the A, it’ll be fine. The other inperfections are less distracting.

Hey Jill…. It seems your classes logo’s are being spaced out over this month. Is this a long term project, and if so, when is it due.

I remember my restaurant identity in design school. I guess I had about two weeks before crit on the restaurant logo. The final crit encompassed the logo, restaurant layout, and menu. I had much longer on that. Will you be preparing multiple peices for the identity?

Just curious,


Hey Jill

I know its a pretty old post but I can’t hold on to these beans and I’m gonna spill’em…

I on the other hand quite like the typeface used for this logo. It gives me a sense of old Italy and I can almost see those olive tree’s in the sun, while a group of roman soldiers are resting in the shadows… or something like that…kinda….almost. Anyhow I agree about the contrast of the logo and the colouring. I would have it a bit more greenish — but I’m a sucker for green so don’t mind me. hey talking about green — how about a few leaves? No? Nahhh your right…to used.

And I like the squirting but keep it simple and not to much. Oh one thing that strikes me a bit “easy” The big “a” is exactly the same as the little “a” in the name with squirts and everything. Its seems a little “copy/paste” or is it just me?

Thats all from me — but I like the work… real nice