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I was going to save this news for !Exclamachine's web relaunch next week, but thought it might make a more interesting conversation starter here.

Heading out to eat with my friends, I got call telling me one of my faces was in a real, printed magazine. On the cover, no less! I grabbed everyone who happened to be with me and we made a trip to the nearest craft store. I just stopped and stared at the issues, my wife told the employees, "My husband did that font."

At dinner, with the magazine on the table between us, I spent 15 minutes explaining the differences between fonts and typefaces, glyphs and letters. People were actually fascinated by the detail. Between dangerously hot wings, I demonstrated ligatures with a napkin and a sharpie. We discussed how people can recognize the same letters in different styles. It was too fun.

So, does anyone else have interesting stories of the first time they found their type design(s) unplanned in print or illustration, or on a sign or wall, or otherwise where you hadn't arranged for it to be?

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Congratulations Choz. And I mean offense to you when I ask, which one is your face?

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None taken. I don't have a central place to track my work online yet.

The photographed scrapbook page (specimen?, work?) uses !Sketchy Times Bold. This was a free font that became popular with scrapbookers. A sticker company contacted me, and I did an updated version exclusively for them. Evidently, they picked well; they didn't know about the use until they saw the cover at a trade show!

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Well Bravo, I'm sure you're floating right now. Maybe someday, I'll know what it feels like.

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Just get out there and do your thing.

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We went to my parents small-town WI mini-fair/festival thing a few weeks ago. All the banners used a font I had done. I smiled. Knowing no one else would care, I kept it to myself. (congrats, btw!)

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