"simplicity" faceted square techno sans


does anybody know what this is, it may well be custom, who knows

thanks ever so much


and there is the image, sorry


Are those the only letters you have seen (may only have been designed for a logo, not a full font)? Have you checked the 'Techno' fonts category at Dafont.com? I seem to frequently find 'mystery' techno fonts there.

- Mike Yanega

I just completed a browse of the Techno 'SciFi' and 'Various' categories at Dafont, and found three fonts that are similar -- Neogrey, Birdman and Zekton, but none are identical.

- Mike Yanega



T-26 has some fonts that might work:


Which makes me wonder, I rarely see T26 referenced here. Do we not like them for some reason?

I don't think there's anything like that happening, just that not many ID's involve T-26 fonts. I can certainly recall some over the years.

- Mike Yanega