3D shaded grotesque "1815"

Hi, how are you all today?

Yesterday a friend of mine sent me a sample that he's trying to ID, but couldn't. I took a look and wasn't able to come up with anything off the top of my head, nor with my limited type books. So I go to the place I always go with these questions...

Does anyone have any idea what typeface is used for the outline/shadow numbers in this type sample?
Thanks in advance!


It seems likely this is a metal type. What is the age of the book that this comes from? And was it published in England?

- Mike Yanega

From some Google searches, it seems this book was from 1872, and was published by A. S. Barnes, which seems to have been an American publisher (may still be). If that is the case, this should surely be a metal or wood type, and finding it as a font is unlikely. Since my best book on American Metal Type is for the Twentieth Century (McGrew), it is also unlikely to find it there -- I tried, and didn't see it.

- Mike Yanega

I feared as much - thanks for the research, I really appreciate it.

Torino is similar.

Sorry - should have been more clear with my request. I just wanted the 1815. ID'ed.
Thank you for suggesting Torino however, it is pretty close.

I do like that funky pre-cursor to Courier that they used for the word ADVOCATE, really interesting.