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Hi. Long time listener first time caller.
I would like to receive some feedback on this font based on my handwriting. The original has been on for a couple of years now but I decided to clean it up a bit to make it more usable. I like to think it's worth saving. My intention is to make it look like I actually spent time on it while keeping the same feel as the original. It's obvious from the sample that I have no design background whatsoever. The capitals are too embarrassing to include :)
Thanks for your time.

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It looks good to me. I like the trail-of-ink look, but it looks more natural with the lighter face.

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I see what you mean and I do agree. However, the lighter face is only readable at 20+ points. In the sample, I had to set it much bigger than the new version so as to appear roughly the same size. (I'm sorry I left this information out.) Hmm. I should aim for a thickness middle ground. Thanks, popluhv.

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I'd correct the too thin lines to avoid user problems at decently small sizes.

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I like it; I like the juxtaposition between the thick stroke and the very thin trailing lines. That said, I would be curious how it looked when the think trails were three-quarters of their current lengt -- it might look better and it might look worse.

The lowercase s is too tall, I think -- it should descend way less and ascend just a bit less.

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Five months later...
Thanks for the feedback. I shortened some of the ink trails and kept the 's' (I put an alternate instead).
I named this 'James Paul' and is now available on

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Very nice.

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