Texas in the style of Michael Doret

Any opinions? Was done 20 years ago. The whole Rapiograph set hit the trash not long after.



Completely sweet. I want it on a big damn buckle.

Nice typeface, the only comment I would have is the "T" should NOT be seperated by a line, as all other text is clearly joined without any interruption. Other then that it is a unique engraved looking style of text. I most definitely could see that being used for a Texan Bar or restaurant, or as a branding iron. It is reminiscent of the old days.


Sam M,

A buckle is perfect. That may actually be what it was used for. But the art director never told me.

Joyce T.,

Thanks for the comment. You are right about the T. Am sure I had experimented with closing the right base serif of the T with the E, but didn't do it. The logo was done on spec, so it was a rush to get the thing done. What a nightmare to balance feinschmecking detail with the overall look! You have a great eye. After twenty years, I wouldn't have made that observation. And even now I don't remember the type this hand lettering was based on.