The making of the 2007 Typophile Tee

Ape Do Good
The shirts are on press at Ape Do Good.

The 2007 “Type Specimen” tee was designed by Christian Robertson, a longtime Typophile member and moderator who joined Punchcut in 2004. Christian designed the popular typefaces Dear Sarah and Pill Gothic. The “Type Specimen” tee takes its cues from 1923 ATF type specimen books. Rather than finding a historical looking typeface for the design, Christian drew an American gothic inspired typeface from scratch. The shirt will be available on August 1 to attendees of TypeCon, Seattle. It will then be made available for purchase from

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Here’s a little tease before we can show you the final…

Ape Do Good is a visual feast to behold
Proprietor Anthony prepares to show us the wares.

American Apparel shirts
The American Apparel tees in men’s “army” and women’s “olive” arrived on schedule.

This is just the printer's proof...
A quick tease of the proof. Not the final layout, nor the final color. The ink is a new eco-friendly “water-based” process that actually strips away pigment in the tee. The result is a very soft feel (no thick layer of ink) and a more subtle look. It also allows for some killer overprinting effects.

More pics and purchase info to come!


Really! Tease is right!! ;^) Fun!!!

Ape Do Good! Anthony is a good guy. Really cares about what he does. I have worked with him a few times. Good choice. Excited about the Tee.

So...does this mean we pay for our t-shirts with bananas?

Unfortunately our vendor only takes cash. If we need to get creative with payment methods I'm sure we can work something out. =)

I think David should receive a tee in trade for entertaining passersby with oral diatribes about the greatness of Typophile.

Will it be available in XXL?

Looks good. I am SO ready.

Yes. This will be awesome!

Thomas, I'll post the mens and women's shirt sizes and details in a bit.

Yea I am curious about that XXL too. I see American Apparel boxes. That stuff shrinks a lot when you wash it the first time...


if you wash the AA shirts in cold water and hang dry they won't shrink!

The new Typophile tee is for sale at - This will describe pricing, shipping, available sizes, etc.

Nice! I want. :-)

Proud owner.

Hi- any more tees on the horizon?

also can custom tees be ordered?