(x) bold brush type semiserif - Cucas {Angel}

If anyone could help in identifying the font being used here it would be greatly appreciated.


Hmm, this looks like the love child of 'Sauna' and 'ITC Tyke'.

Yes very close, but still not quite there. I'm really dying to know what typeface it is.

I saw it on http://www.moodboard.com/ and find it to be very friendly and inviting.

Vario is similar, but no cigar. I think this font should show up in a Script category.

- Mike Yanega

If Berlin Sans Demi had a casual script version, this could be it.

If it turned out to come from a Japanese site, it wouldn't surprise me. I have seen similar brushed looking fonts when browsing those sites.

I failed to find the exact font, too. My candidates for a similar "feel" would be Maiandra Demi Bold and Ryoichi Tsunekawa's Talking Five Bold.

I've been scouring veer as it looks like a typeface that they would stock, but no luck thus far. Hopefully the mystery will yet be solved.

Carlin Script looks quite close with a small change to the 'e'.

- Mike Yanega

It's Cuca by Tipos Reunidos.


Why yes it is, thank you Angel, your help is much appreciated.

That's a new one for the Script Guide (Part 6). Thanks Angel.

Did you just happen to recognize that one, or do you have a way of finding these? I have seen you pull some obscure ID's out of the air, and I'd like to know how you do it, if you would tell us. Do you have photographic memory of fonts (like Yves)? Seriously, I am curious about your IDing methods, if you care to share them. I can tell you that I primarily use either books and catalogs (guided by some memory of where I think I saw something before), or my Font ID Guides, or if all else fails, scanning through categories on font web sites.

- Mike Yanega