gods of circumstance

We are launching eight new products this fall and I have been re-reading "Ogilvy on Advertising". I bought it in 1983 and it seems even more right today than it did then.
I recalled the value he put on type and the importance it plays when it's easy to read (at a 2-second glance on the shelf) vs. art - comes down to sell the product or win the prize.
We won the award once "Global Packaging Design" - beverages - we found we still needed a dollar (OK $5.- at Starbucks) to buy a coffee - the award didn't sell the product.
I found this site because we need seven EASY to read logos and looking here I can better understand the importance of "ease-of-read".
The "gods of circumstance" (or google) brought me here and I think I'll enjoy it.


This is definitely a fantastic resource. Readability is a tricky thing. You may want to check out the soon-to-be-released While You're Reading by Gerard Unger. It may deal more with longer texts (like books), but it might be helpful nevertheless.