(x) Nix Landscaping logo - Black Chancery {Angel}

I have a company name on a word doc, I need to know what the font is, how can I get this word doc to the group so all can see the company name - get me the font name?


Load the document into Word using the mouse place the cursor over the text and click the left mouse button. The font name will be displayed in the font chooser at the top of the screen.

Take a screengrab so we can see the font. Then we might be able to help you. :^)

Screengrab (aka 'print screen’ or ‘screenshot’) explained for Windows and for Mac OSX.

[patiently waiting for the sample to show up]

You are not alone … ;ᵜ)

I cant copy and I cant screengrab grrrr

Does anyone have a email address I can send this word doc to, will that work to try to get the name of this font?

I do have this font on a excel form as well, is there any way to send that for all to see?
Is anyone still trying to help me?

Florian, are you saying you dont know the font name used? lol

No, this is defintely not my kind of type, sorry. :°)
Fortunately, Angel71 (once again) got it perfectly right, imho. However, the ‘N’ seems to be a little bit squooshed.

Florian, i just sent it from missscole, please let me know if you got it

Here’s what I got (not sure if my NeoOffice agrees with your Word about the exact rendering, but it should do for IDing):

Yes this is it now what is the font name used on the NIX

Florian, are you saying you dont know the font name used? lol

Does anyone know the font name of the font I used on "Nix Landsaping", I know I had to download it and I do not remember the name of it.

Please help

Nicole, Typophile has an 'edit' feature - you could go back and thank Florian for uploading the image for you.

NIX looks like Black Chancery.


Thank you all, thanks much for helping me out, Florian thanks for helping me get this on the web.

You guys are the best!

It was worth the wait for the image to show up ;^/


Nick Cooke