Tribune de Lausanne

I’m trying to identify the black serif type in a poster designed by Herbert Leupin in 1955.
It appears he made a collage using a real newspaper from that year.


The newspaper “Tribune de Lausanne” ceased publication in the early eighties.
I have found no information as to when the TdL was first printed, as a clue to when
the masthead was designed.
Any suggestions about Latin typefaces used in Europe before 1950, as well as
any leads on digital Latins which approximate this face would be appreciated.
Thank you.


Hoefler Type Foundry’s “Saracen” is a digital Latin headline font.

I will look into Jaspert’s “Encyclopaedia of Type Faces” to see what is shown about 50’s-era Latins, and get back.

Other than Monotype’s Latin Antiques and Latin Condensed; and Blake’s Latin Wide, all I found in the Jaspert book was Chisel, an inline version of Latin Bold. Judging from that sample, Latin wasn’t a very popular style.

I also found a display Latin metal type called “Primus” in the A.T.A. Type Comparison Book, but it is like a wide Black or Ultra weight. (Not the same as Berthold Primus type from 1964).

Not much help in those places. Sorry.

You can try typing ‘Latin’ at MyFonts and see what they show as current choices.

Frutiger’s Versailles has some of the same flavor.