hand printed script caps on Portuguese website

Hi there. This is my first post here after months of lurking, so please go easy on me :)
I found this typeface on a local website and have been trying to ID it for a while now. I've tried several online identifiers and found the results to be somewhat underwhelming. It's a small sample—I can provide a longer one if it helps, but no larger unfortunately. Thanks in advance.

(P.S. if anyone understands Portuguese, please ignore the glaring misspelling...)


The Mix… I think

Sorry, I don't think the sample was uploaded correctly (or maybe it was?) Here goes:

TheMix by Lucas de Groot

> Edit: whoops, obviously the wrong one.

I’m not sure what it is, but House Script is similar and far nicer.

There are thousands of handwriting fonts, so they can be difficult to ID, especially when all caps. If a similar font will do, have a look at Sketch.

Though the "S" is obviously different, one of the Pen Tip fonts might also be an alternative.

I realized it would be difficult to pinpoint :) Thanks everyone. I particularly like House Script as an alternative.