Urbana: typeface inspired in the city of Bogotá

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Urbana wants to be a contemporary sans-serif typeface inspired in the traditional lettering seen in one of the most popular, massive transportation mediums available in Bogotá (Colombia): "busetas" (small city buses). A mixture of influences reminiscent of modernism, hand lettering, cluttered spaces and improvisation are the source of its characteristic forms. Urbana wants to save space and catch the reader's attention at the same time. All of your comments are very welcome.

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César, te debo unos comentarios más detallados, pero puedo decir: es una tipografía preciosa, solo noto (en un relevamiento veloz) dos cuestiones referentes a la contraforma:

1. en la palabra "ahorro" creo que el espaciado entre las dos "r" debería de ser un poquitín mayor... si comparo el espacio "rr" con el espacio "ro" me da como que faltara un poco de blanco en el primero.

2. algo similar me ocurre con las palabras "transmilenio" y "TRANSMILENIO" referido a las "s" y "S" en ambas me da la sensación de una separación apenitas mayor de la necesaria, como que las veo un poco separadas de la palabra.

Y 3. que lo veo ahora hay algo de eso en la palabra "caos" como que me queda la "ca" por un lado y el "os" por el otro, es apenas también.

La seguimos por aquí o por allá! abrazo!

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Muy bonito pero lo debieron haber bautizado diferente... es decir, si hay Chicago, ¿por que no puede haber Bogotá?


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Muy buen trabajo! me gusta mucho sobre todo que las contraformas sean distintas a las formas exteriores de las letras... estaría bueno poder ver algo más detallado para poder comentar algo con más contenido.

saludos desde Uruguay


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I really like you 'o' & 'a'. 'e' too. The cut on your r seems too arbitrary & not in keeping with the design. Also they way they set together 'rr' also looks a little odd. Your lower case is stronger & more compelling than the Upper Case. I think you have a good strong piece of work here. I suggest that you keep working on it for a bit longer & then start submitting it to foundries. It's really good looking.

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Guys, if you answer on this forum, you should do that in english so everyone else can read it. I think that's only fair to the rest of us that follow the thread.


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Actually, I disagree. English is probably the second language of more Typophile users than first language. But not all second language English speakers are as strong in their English as others. If a thread is mostly in Spanish, German, or Dutch (etc.), I think that is just fine. Typophile is for everyone. As you can see, some users are posting in English here, too. If two Spanish speakers can communication better here in Spanish, that is OK. No oone should feel left out and not post because of their English abilitiues.

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Fair enough, but that could always devide the thread into two (or more) camps; the native speakers and the english community. A Spanish thread will propably mostly attract spanish speaking people. Where an English thread can reach a very large group of people, giving more input and getting out more result.

I think it'd be just 'open minded' to include everyone here on Typophile. My english is also far from perfect, but you can understand me. ;-)
If I see a foreign thread that I can't read, I will not involve myself. That would just be a pitty. But hey, you're right; Typophile is for everyone.


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I wonder if I could get Christian to build a babel fish like function for Typophile... Maybe there is a google API.

If you were motivated enough you could cut & paste that text & see what auto-translation does for ya - it's just not push-button.

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I strongly agree with Dan Raynolds (I think i've read your articles at Novum:)
sometimes I cant express correctly in English, and if you separate typophile into different lenguajes, people wont mix and the comments won't be as rich and diverse.

I leave you the translated previous commnt in english:

"Very good work! I relly like that the counterforms are different from the exterior forms of the letters... It would be very nice to see something with more detale to comment something with more content.

greetings from Uruguay


PS: Sorry for the misspels XD


Ahora si Cesar:

- me parece que el signo "&" puede generar una mancha negra en tamaños chicos, que te parece?
- estoy de acuerdo con el espacio de la "rr" en ahorro, podría ser apenas mayor.

y no tengo más comentarios,
solamente ansío ver un poco más de tu trabajo

saludos desde Uruguay


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Me gusta esto mucho! Okeydokey...the MNVW letters seem too flat/wide in the joins. In the diagonal letters it is always a balance between making the joints too wide, or making the joints too dark. Wide joins can be part of the style, but here you have a mixed style. The A join is so wide that is has a very big "trap" at the apex. The MNVW, are just wide. Consider adding this trap to the MNVW too, or solving it by making the joins narrower.

Also, the diagonal of the N is too thin to me. Consider making the diagonal thicker, and if needed, the verticals a little thinner.

Sorry, no tengo palabras de tipographia en espanol.

Ahora, tiempo por mimis...

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Oh...the italic esta la bomba.
Eben is right: the r is too much like an n with an amputation. Make the r more rounded and add musculos to his arm!

Hoy, mimis!

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Very nice typeface! Is it up for sale?

I have to say about English vs other languages: English was the original language here at typophile and all posts should be kept in English. If there is interest for a Spanish Typophile that should be on a different url (www.typophile.(something)). Considering the people that only speak Spanish are not going be able to take part in any English threads and vice versa there will only be a divide. I myself am Norwegian and English is definetly not my first language. I have many gramatical mistakes in my posts but that doesn't stop me. There is not one person in here that's gonna judge you for trying to write in english. People are just happy to have a mix of people in here with different backgrounds. That's what makes Typophile great. Having said that; there are a lot of people in this world who only speak spanish and it would be an idea to make a Spanish site for them (sooner or later it will definetly have to be a Chinese site as well). The Spanish speaking Typophiliacs can then decide whether to post at the english site or the spanish site depending on the relevance of the topic for the different groups. The community would not separate but just be more organized. Posters that speak both fluent Spanish and English would still post and translate anything of importance on both sites.
Maybe I should start up a Norwegian/Scandinavian Typophile division...? Nahhh We are only about 20 million people up North (Danes Swedes, Norwegians and the few Finnish that still speak Swedish). I'll stick to the .com site;-)

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Welcome to my life. In spite of 'A's in five semesters of college Spanish, I never got officially fluent, still having to translate in my brain.

And when my wife and her relatives start whirring away in Spanish, I have learned to tune it out. As we say here in the States, 'El Mundo no se va a acabar.' -For now, anyway.
; )

Oh, and I'd like to say I really like the font. It has a very friendly boldness.

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Urbana is now for sale at myfonts.com. Hope most of you like it.



César Puertas
diseñador (tipo)gráfico

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Congratulations! :-)

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Felicitations! (Congratulations!)

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Cesar, are you going to release a regular weight too? I like it a lot! :)

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There is now a regular weight it seems! Thank you :)

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Felicitaciones César, espero que a la gente le guste

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excelente tipografia, hay que verla en uso !

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Voy a tratar de juntar algunos pesos uruguayos para comprarla! :)

Espero ver mas trabajos tuyos por aquí!



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nothing constructive to say here but I really like the work.

Perhaps I am saying this because I am making a connection in my mind with the other name, but it reminds me a lot of the "warmth" from the Lisboa typeface.

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I think it is a warm face as well, in the sense that it isn't geometric and swells and narrows. It has a logic that controls it's expressiveness but it is very expressive nevertheless. More than that I think it has an elusive* charisma that is rare.

* In the sense that it's hard to find a reason or feature to account for it.

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Hey! It's the new lighter weights!

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I like it a lot!

Any progress on the regular italic? I want to use this font, but I need the italic.

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Great work here; I love the contrasts.

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I think this board is the proper place to ask you about the activation proccess. My link is not working properly, do you know why it is happening? http://www.typophile.com/?9e3c7bb676528e7bfda0b5e6a9d,

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I think this board is the proper place to ask you about the activation proccess. My link is not working properly, do you know why it is happening? http://typophile.com/?b35767f24566b01ed34ee2eb935,

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I think this board is the proper place to ask you about the activation proccess. My link is not working properly, do you know why it is happening? http://www.typophile.com/?f76efd830715adc30a7a11c7fc2,

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I think this board is the proper place to ask you about the activation proccess. My link is not working properly, do you know why it is happening? http://typophile.com/?b03b043155e530ed12373b34d12,

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