TC07: Lost fonts?

Listening to Mark Simonson and Carl Crossgrove describe the lost display cut of Helvetica.



I'm sorry I missed that conversation. Though I did see evidence of it on the napkin left at the bar.

The conversation got really interesting. The gist is that Linotype only had the text weight of Helvetica because, the Linotype machine did not ever set the display size. Essentially then, there is a lost display version of Helvetica. Now I'll let Carl and Mark tell the rest because they'll tell it better.

(And thanks for the correction. The other typo is my fault for texting in my blog posts.)


There’s Mark’s “a” showing the exaggerated characteristics that are in the display cut.

The Arabic calligraphy is someone else’s conversation that I didn’t hear. =)


Mike Parker would be best to tell that whole story. "He was there!" ;)

Basically, what Haas released as Neue Grotesk actually got cleaned up even more for the "Helvetica" re-release, and the sizes that originally came from that release were all text sizes, for Linotype, whose equipment, remember, all duplexed roman and Italic. So widths and some details changed in the final release. I would very much like for Mike to fill in the blanks here. Anyone in Boston want to go have lunch with him? He made it sound like it was worth seeing the original. Does anyone have a specimen of Neue Haas Grotesk?