First font, early stages

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Here's my current project, likely to be called Decoa. Trying to create a font suitable for headings and identities. Haven't got a full set as of yet, but working on it! Just wanna see if people think I'm in the right direction. All comments appreciated.

[edit] Updated with more letters :)

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once you have a standard build for every letter, the font will not be so hard for you to make, i like it and once its out, i will use it :)

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I don't like the 'Q'. I'd suggest breaking the grid for that one.

- Lex

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Updated with a few more characters and new weight (forum image upload wouldn't work for me atm, so please use the url).

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the q still needs help. maybe just a little bar going from the inside to the lower right corner? Or a verical line inside of the bowl?

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thats some nice work there lars! is that digital font design with brad???

but i agree with the other posts... the Q is still need a bit more refinement...

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Haha, hey Drew! It's font design, yeah, hah! It's quite enjoyable! Tho he said I should try to make it look a little more original cos it looks a bit like other fonts out there, suggesting a slab seriff. I mean, slab seriffs are nasty, I wanna do a font I can use later for headers, identity etc.

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BAH, im a fan of the slab serif... im using lubalin graphy for my headers in the stduio brief we got atm....

i was gonna do font design, but i thought bugger it, i already got alot of type in my folio... so doing illustraion as design instead... you done it?

you could turn this into a serif without that to much hassel, the C would look ace as a serif... do you have to do a lower case as well? or are you just doing a uni case?

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Yep, I'm doing a full character set, woop!

Ah, yeah I did illustration last semester, I didn't like it too much, didn't feel like i got stuff i could use for my folio, might've changed for this semester tho. But I'm happy with my font design class, i wanna learn how to use the font software and stuff too so i can turn them into *actually* working fonts.

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I recomend you design these in black on a white background, if you want these to be the most usable later on. Having different colored backgrounds can cause the letters to look slightly different, depending on the contrast.

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Alright, updated with a full character set

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What about a PDF? :)
I think most of the lowercase letters are a bit too wide, they look stretched.:)
Particularly visible in the 'u' and 'y'. I see that a lot of them are just as wide as the UC, or mono-width. If that is what you intended to do, I do think most of the LC characters need some work. It doesn't look right at the moment.
The UC chars look quite alright now.

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Update! :)


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