!Exclamachine relaunched

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The central feature is the typeface gallery- renovation was long overdue. Other highlights include background on the designers, a "new releases" news subscription option, and links to the projects we support.
Next up, I finishing the shop. I plan to offer a few things I haven't seen anyone else do with digital type yet. Then, I will expand the specimens a bit.

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It seem no bad, good luck.

font software downloads

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Thank you. It is a work in progress, and the feedback from viewers has been lead to some great improvements.

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This is amazing! I hadn't seen this before; it's really delightful! I wonder who had the time to put together such an incredible pastiche. It's like Ninja Burger, or the Yes Men, or Spinal Tap in the thoroughness of execution. I love all of the links to other pastiche sites, and the goth "calligrapher", and the custom type projects. (A logo for a local band. Brilliant.)

I'm curious to know what the end game is for this project. Bravo!


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Nice work Choz.
What can I say, other than what I'd say about any foundry -- I like some of the faces!
Well, you do things differently, and I admire the breadth of your have-a-go-ness, such as Typosium and the Snark.
More fonts, shop, and type tester. But so much work to do.
Good luck with it.

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Thank you for your constructive input in this thread NewGuy. This certainly is the kind of mentality that we need here.


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Mr. Schmal, thank you very much. I have enjoyed reading Typophile for a long time, and am happy that my comments are being well received.


PS; Kudos to Mr. Shinn for playing along!

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Thank you, Nick. More fonts are coming, and that is what matters most. Yes, the site is in deep need of a type-tester, but I haven't determined the best approach to implementing that. Fortunately things are very modular. My interim device is a series of thumbnails for each face, hopefully online by next week.

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