(x) Willesden Public Library serif book face - Garamond No. 3 {Gary Long, Max Rabkin}

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I'm reading an autobiography set in this face, and I find it really distracting -- not nearly as invisible as a book face should be -- because in my eyes the lc d and p are well below the x-height. It isn't that noticeable in this scan (possibly because it's bigger on screen).

Anyway, I'd like to know what it is.

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Is it ITC Garamond? Hard to tell at that small size.

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No that's not a match, in ITC Gar actually the b and d look too large. But it looks like a Garamond...

Ah... it's DT Garamond


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At least we’ve narrowed it down to the myriad Garamonds that exist! ;^)

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Nice one Patty.

That’s a pretty nasty looking italic.

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It's a Garamond that wishes it were a Caslon.

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Garamond No 3 is very similar (maybe the same thing under another name?). I believe it's based on Jannon, not the original Garamond. Personally, I like it as a book face. It's slight quirkiness gives it a warmth suitable for certain topics.

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I think Garamond No 3 is closer than the DT (the "crook" of the g is sharper, and the serifs on the d slope down less) but I'm still a type ID newbie.

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