(x) "Back to business" bold serif w/distinctive 'K' - LTR Federal {Dennis Hill}

Hi - first off I'm glad I found this place, stumbled across it by accident but the whole site looks awesome! Going to be spending some time here when I can...

In the meantime I have the inevitable font ID question - if anyone can help I'd be most grateful. The 'K' should be a giveaway... but isn't. The 'S' is pretty special too.

Thanks in advance - Chris


http://www.letterror.com/catalog/fed/index.html ?

There is also a freeware version of this type of font.

Speedy! BIG thanks for that, most appreciated.
Should have recognised it of course... I'm not in the States buy I have seen a dollar bill before!

Here is the freeware one used in your sample:


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Spot on ;-) Thanks fontplayer