"Account Name Font" etc.

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I tried to look through the HTML and couldn't find anything. What's the font that lists your name in the "My account" section, or that says "Submit Forum topic" in the Submit Forum topic menu, you know.

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I would have to guess that it's Verdana.

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My name is listed here in Verdana. You would look at the CSS to find the font name, not the HTML. We don’t put fonts in HTML files anymore.

Joe Clark

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Sorry I guess I misspoke. I meant the CSS because it was included in the HTML file. As you are looking at this post "Account Name Font" etc. is written in a serif font, right below Home >> Forums >> General Discussions.

-- David

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It's over there on the right.

Verdana?? nope.

Well, this is wierd - I editd my 1rst response to make it a bit clearer, and it went out of sequence... It should be right after fathairyape 's second post.

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I've attached an image with what I'm trying to say.

-- David

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Sorry - I've just sprayed beer all over the place laughing :o)

that's hilarious.

I'm not sure what Joe Clark is seeing, but it's not what you and I are seeing. He sure as heck isn't someone who's going to make a mistake about Verdana.

Also - not so straight forward to find the font in that CSS.

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it's Beorcana, I believe, and it's substituted in using a fancy flash technique whose name I can't remember :)

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I was just thinking that I had to have the font installed on my computer in order to read it and highlight it, but I'm pretty sure you can insert static text from flash with fonts you don't own.


-- David

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That is the featured font right now. It was designed by one of the Typophile members. I don't know how often, but I think I heard they will rotate different fonts in those headings. I'm guessing fonts designed by Typophile members.

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I was struck by the beauty of this font and also wanted to find out what its name was.

At first, after clicking the featured font link, I didn't initially think it WAS Beorcana but have now compared a sample of the font on the fonts.com website (try before you buy) and am confident that it is the featured font. Carl Crossgrove has designed a beautiful graceful font.

White Knight

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> it’s Beorcana, I believe, and it’s substituted in using a fancy flash technique whose name I can’t remember :)

Google sIRF if you want to learn how to do this.

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Sometimes I think I might be invisible.

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yeah, sorry about that... I realized you'd already identified it after I posted my identification (I blame it on the big picture beneath you stealing all your glory)

but yeah, Spire got there first, guys! :P

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@ Spire

did somebody say something? :p


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You might want to google sifr instead. ;^)

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Apologies David, glad I wasn't the only one who mis-read that. Didn't think you'd be asking about Beorcana given the banner that appears on every page.

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Here's a tip for identifying a font that you suspect is being SIFR'd onto the page. If you use FireFox with the adblock extension, click on the adblock button in your browser to load a list of all the adblock-able scripts, objects, and images in use on the page. (The idea is that you can use one to create a filter for excluding content originating from servers you don't like).

When you use SIFR, it's common practice (though I don't think it's required) to name the Flash SWF file after the font it contains. So when you load the adblock list, look for a file ending in .swf with "object" category that has a font-like name. In this case, it's beorcana_titling_medium.swf.

Alternatively, you can always view source and hunt for ".swf".

EDIT: Actually, just viewing source probably won't work since SIFR now pulls in the entire object/embed code via javascript. You'd have to "view generated source" or work your way through the DOM inspector.


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