Decorative text fonts that work?

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Decorative text fonts that work?

It's beginning to look a lot like postmodernism out there, and I'm seeing more and more headline fonts that employ decoration for decoration's sake - and lots of them! This got me wondering; if we're heading in a generally decorative direction, I'm presuming that poor typographers have already set text in display typefaces ... I've certainly seen my share of brochures printed in Papyrus. But what are good contemporary examples of decorative text typefaces (I'm assuming here that there are some)? Old blackletter books come to mind ... but has the need for speed eliminated the possibility of decorative text outside of art books? I've seen manuscript web sites, such as - will we see simulated handwriting in books?

Can text type can be decorative, and still effective?

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"...heading in a generally decorative direction..."

Well I hope it's more like a Herb Lubalin thing but a well executed handwritten book would be a real joy to read.


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> Can text type can be decorative, and still effective

Only in limited doses. Papyrus in a large enough size will work if the text is a sentance or two at a time. But I really wouldn't want to read a couple hundred words in it. (And neither would most people, making the brochure ineffective.)