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We’re pleased to announce a storefront (still in pre-gussied-up CSS, but still very usable) to make the new 2007 “Type Specimen” tee and new found ephemera buttons available. We will also make available the remaining stock of past year’s shirts where we have stock available.

Even if the items aren’t your thing, we invite you to contribute in any way you feel appropriate.

Typophile Merchandise


hello Mr. Pemberton,

my name is Juliano, i´m a design student and a young type deisgner. The whole Typophile material is very cool, I wish I have an international card to buy some buttons.
If you have some free time visit my little foundry website. the english version is coming soon, but the portuguese version is working fine, and you can travel on it by feeling.

great hugs from Brasil,

Juliano August°

I would like to say that I am beginning to feel slighted. XXL really isn't all that big, I assure you.

"XXL really isn’t all that big..."

Clearly you’ve never shopped at H&M...

6'2" 228 lbs. and everywhere I go the insinuation is I'm a freak. It may well be true, but for entirely different reasons.
; )

Dennis, we opted not to print XXL for this year's design since we have many leftover XXL from past years. We will be making these tees available soon. (I'm talking about the "Gas, Food, Type" tee designed by Christopher Simmons.)

I'll probably take one of whatever XXL tees you have. I mainly sleep in them, but when I go out to get the paper, I would like to make a fashion statement that takes some of the scrutiny from my toss-and-turned morning hair.

Gas, Food, Type sort of reminds me of my dream to open a "Lingerie and Bait" store near the beach, but that is another story.
: )

As you wish... Look out neighbors. =)

I just took one off your hands. Thanks.

Does Typophile Merchandise have any sizing chart for its fab t-shirts?


Joe, just wanted to alert you of this post

Ah yes, a sizing chart. (please.)

I'd buy a tee, but I'm a short arse and don't want anything in the post I could either sleep in or wear as a dress.

I suppose the "I like type" T set in Helvetica is a case of American humor...