David Berlow receives SOTA Typography Award for 2007

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Another Typophile Exclusive!

David Berlow, design innovator and co-founder of The Font Bureau, Inc., was presented with the 2007 SOTA Typography Award. A heartfelt and humorous tribute was given by David's friends and colleagues during TypeCon2007 in Seattle - Roger Black, Matthew Carter, Allan Haley, Cyrus Highsmith, and Mike Parker. A standing ovation ended the ceremony for David, and SOTA is delighted to pay tribute to this amazing designer with a great heart, a great hand, and a great spirit. Thanks to to all the lovely people who participated in this endeavor, and to David, for his outstanding work and his mentoring of burgeoning talent.

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Congratulation David

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I second that, David deserve it for sure. Keep up the good work!

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Keep up the good work!

"...remains active in typeface design," according to the Bureau's just published all-DB specimen booklet.

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Congratulations David!

The keepsake book is great. I wonder if attributing the OpenType trademark to Adobe was a joke, or a typo.

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Well deserved, David. Congrats and best wishes.


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That's very groovy and inspiring David. Love!

You make it groovy to be a type designer! Meow-miaow!

Best regards,
j a m e s

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