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hi, this typeface is for menus and titles, please critique

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What I see looks good. Is there a regular versus a extended family? The regular a, compare to the black has a too wide top and why using the serif. Did you think to use that serif for the black one?

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Is there something new with your Sinaptix?

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I come back with the request: is there something new with Sinaptix. Is that typeface is still in progress, finish or somewhere in a foundry.

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Look out! Crit coming through!

The heavy weight isn't working as well as the base weight for me. The contasts are lively but they overwhelm rather than pleasing my eye in the heavy weight. That B is a problem. In general I think you need to add some distictiveness to the letterforms so they don't resemble each other quite so much. Then the face will become funky. The distictiveness I am loooking for is in your a & your x. The n & v are mssing it.

Keep going with this. It could get quite good.

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It looks to me like you've got more fonts worked out in this family than you're revealing to us at this time. For example: the large title 'sinaptix 0.1 [regular]' title looks like a 24pt typeface [21px], with 6px wide stems and 3px wide arms.

Similarly, your 'sinaptix 0.1 [black]' title looks like a 24pt typeface [21px], with a main dimension of six pixels for its horizontal elements, and a dimension of 9 pixels for its vertical elements.

Why not show us these fonts too, at their 8pt size, instead of their effective 24pt size?

Further, right now, you are showing us your 'regular' and your 'black at 8pt. Why not show us your 'thin' and your 'bold'? I strongly suspect you have them!

The reason I bring all this up, is that I see you've used different strategies for your glyph corners, and would like to see more use of the techniques you used in your 24pt titles applied to your 8pt text samples.

Even if doing so meant you had to widen the entire family of fonts, I think it might be worth it.

As for the current 'Black' sample text, I'd like to see you create another version where your horizontal elements do not gain a pixel in dimension. Keep all horizontal elements at one pixel high, and instead of widening your characters to maintain their 'interior' dimensions, as they do now, try maintaining their 'exterior' dimensions when widening your stems.

Overall, I like your Sinaptix a lot in a lot. Again, I think the face would be stronger if you implemented the three-pixel corner technique as shown in your title texts, into your 8pt text designs.

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