(x) brushy or handwritting-ish caps - Hudson Script {Mike F}

Anyone out there know this one? I could swear it was an easy one, but What the Font failed me and I'm turning to you good people in my hour of need. I've isolated some capital letters from a scan of a hard copy. Many thanks for friendly replies.


I think it shares a common ancestry with Honey Script Bold(the caps):

It's a predigital Filmotype font called Hudson Script. Digitally, it's available as Fontbank's Martina and Brendel's Hudson. No guarantee of quality with either of these.

By the way - this doesn't help you today, but a quality version of Hudson Script will probably be available as Stuart Sandler of Font Diner fame digitizes and offers the Filmotype collection.

If you have the SoftMaker XXL CD, Hudson is also on that.

I bow to your extensive knowledge, and very much appreciate the resources. Thanks!