Redmond WA and now Vancouver ( okay... New Westminster ) BC

I had a great day today I got to hear another presentation by Robert Bringhurst in Redmond at Microsoft. Thanks Simon!

Now I am in BC to visit the man who made the actual metal type that P22's gave out at this year's Typecon. Jim Rimmer!

Ah... Type bliss.

I think I will start posting images from Typecon tomorrow night.


What did Brinhurst have to say? And how come this wasn't advertized?

And how come this wasn’t advertized?

'Cause it wasn't public. Hence my thanks to Simon. And I don't know how public the content of the presentation was meant to be.

However the photos from it will be going up on Flicker eventually as Simon requested.

I have put up a bunch already but I am only partway through day 2...