(x) Chestnut Street Cafe w/ spikey serifs - Birch {Rainer, Jan E}

I was given this jpeg from a client but i need it in vector.

does anyone know what typeface it is so i can possibly recreate?




Ha, TypeID rule #1 worked … now back to work, Rainer!!

EDIT: Argh, no! It worked at the old forum.

Is this a WTF hangout now?


Jan - that you peeking out? And yes, Rainer, back to work!!! And just what is Type ID rule #1?

Hi, Jackie, well I guess so. Akira, Mike F and I were playing here sometimes before as you know. And I think Metro, too, in a mysterious heavenly disguise.

But now Steve and Marcelo are playing, too.

And finally here is Type ID-rule #1. ;^D

thanks bunches Jan

this is a big help.

> Jan - that you peeking out?

@ jmcalo1
You’re welcome.