"KEEP" Western-style slab serif

anybody know the name of the font that spells out "KEEP."????? Much appreciated, thanks,


Not quite sure about this one. The closest I've found so far is http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/scriptorium/cibola/

But it's much more decorative than the original posted.

Hopefully, someone will give a definite ID. Thought I'd mention, though, that Dan Zadorozny's Regulators (and the included condensed variant) is very similar.

I think that is it also. You can view the whole character set here:


While Regulators is the closest match yet, it's line quality is horrible. It's possible that it was cleaned up for this use, but more likely it wasn't.

I'll email Iconian Fonts and see if they might have a clue to the original.

hey thanks so much!