French Vogue magazine text typeface

i suppose this is one of the easiest questions for people here so I don't attach any pics......:) thanks a lot


Yeah, oh so easy. So easy I won’t even post an answer.

Seriously, you might want to add an image if you can. If you can’t you could try google. “ french vogue magazine text font” gets you this .

Seriously Edward, how are we supposed to know what text face French Vogue is set in? The "Identification" part in "Type Identification Board" means we look at type and recognize it. Not that we have a humongous database of type usage in our brains. :^P

Got a copy here, pretty certain it's Caslon 540.

lol, here is a sample

note that they like mixing regular and italic in one block...

I didn't post a sample not becoz I am lazy, but I just really stupidly thought that someone here would instantly get the answer! just like I asked "Eye magazine typeface" :P now I will get sample for every question I raise from now on.....